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GDisk® (Pile Cloth Disk Filter) References

GDisk® is a highly efficient filtration system using pile cloth media that performs a unique function; depth filtration, and filter cake.
It can be used in a wide field of applications where there is a requirement for the removal of suspended solids(SS), phosphorus(TP), turbidity.
GDisk® is an ideal filtration system for various water treatment plants.

  • Gravity filtration flow is designed to operate in a low-pressure head system
  • 24/7 continuous filtering with automatic backwash by level sensor or timer
  • Low backwash water volume; only 1-3% water loss
  • OPEX energy savings resulting from the very low power consumption
  • Robust at handling wide variations in hydraulic and solids loadings
  • Provides high treatment quality of typically 1-5 mg/L TSS
  • Tertiary treatment for the removal BOD, SS and T-P from municipal water for the management of total water pollution control
  • Tertiary treatment for the removal SS from industrial wastewater
  • Removal of algae and SS from purification plants, lakes, ponds, and aquaculture
  • Phosphorus removal in conjunction with chemical pre-treatment of flocculation and coagulation(ChemDisk®)
  • Pretreatment for advanced treatment such as activated carbon, Ozone and UV
  • Industrial purpose water where re-use may be required; agricultural water; cooling water for power plants, steel manufacturing plants, etc
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Filtration
3 simple modes

Filtering (Normal Operation)

The influent enters the tank or basin completely submerging the cloth media disks. By gravity, the liquid passes through the pile cloth surface. The solids are captured on the cloth surface and clear filtrate passes through to the center tube and then discharged by gravity. The captured solids form a layer on the surface of the filter cloth creating a head loss. As the water level increases in the tank cell it will trip a level sensor.


Backwashing is initiated at a predetermined time and level. When the backwash mode is activated the gear drive will then slowly rotate the disks. A backwash pump is also activated, and a suction is then created in two sets of backwash manifolds. As the disk slowly rotates past the manifold the suction lifts the accumulated dirt from the pile cloth and discharges it through the piping to a sludge collection system. Filtration continues during this backwash mode.

Solids Discharge

Due to quiescent conditions in the tank or basin heavier solids will be allowed to settle. Over time there is a build-up of solids on the tank or basin bottom. The PLC has a pre-set signal that will activate valves are submersible pumps and allow the solids to be discharged from the tank.

GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filter for Small Capacity

The smaller diameter GDisk® is an ideal solution for smaller capacity applications ranging from 50㎥/day to 1,000 ㎥ /day or higher.

    1. Easy to install and moved due to steel tank construction.
    2. Entirely PLC automated function provides for unmanned operation and remote monitoring if required.
    3. Small footprint - minimum land area required
    4. Excellent filtration efficiency
    1. Pre-filtration prior to membrane treatment
    2. Small drinking water purification from the surface and river waters
    3. Tertiary filtration for the removal of suspended solids and turbidity for smaller capacity sewage treatment or industrial wastewater plants, where reuse or discharge into the sensitive area is required
    4. Cooling tower water filtration
    5. Pre-treatment for water reuse from a greywater system

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